Chemical Scrubbers

IPEC has developed a high standard chemical scrubber for the removal of odour from sewage networks. This scrubber is marked by a high efficiency and a low chemical consumption. To obtain such a high performance in combination with a low consumption of chemicals, special attention is paid to the design of the scrubber:

  • Sufficient contact-time in combination with a limited air velocity through the packed bed guarantees a low chemical consumption.
  • A substantial recirculation flow to guarantee a good contact between air and water phase to induce the chemical reaction
  • A new technology of dosing the chemicals. Chemicals are no longer dosed constantly with a constant bleed of unused chemicals. In IPEC scrubbers, the chemicals are dosed based on the actual need. Therefore, using a PLC there is a constant monitoring of the H2S level before and after the scrubber in combination with a monitoring of the pH of the recirculating liquid (and ORP monitoring in case of bleach dosing).
Several references in UGGC are there, the most recent are

Mishrif pumping station Kuwait

Ain Khalid pumping station Doha –Qatar

Jeddah South Pumping station, Jeddah KSA.

Case Story: Chemical scrubber Jeddah South Pumping Station – Saudi Arabia.
Case Story: Combination of chemical scrubber and activated carbon: Ain Khalid – Qatar.