Trevi has been active in the environmental and energy sector since 1992. It has a multidisciplinary team of +-100 employees including environmental advisers, process experts, programmers and installers.

Their multidisciplinary offers every customer the advantage that he can solve all his environmental problems from A to Z with one partner, both in the water, air, soil and energy fields. Since its inception, Trevi has known a permanent growth.

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Anaerobic fermentation is a process of making biogas from crops, organic waste and / or manure. Biogas is a renewable energy source that can be used for the production of green electricity and heat. Did you know that biogas production is actually a natural biological process? Nowadays, it is specifically made in high tech installations.

BiogasTec is building such installations on both industrial and agricultural scale and can assist the construction process from A to Z. A multidisciplinary team is available for concept development, research, environmental administration, engineering, construction and management of biogas and CHP plants. BiogasTec has accumulated a lot of knowledge over a wide range of waste streams in recent years. Biogastec can rely on this knowledge to handle virtually any type of organic material: manure, energy crops, sludge, slaughterhouse waste, vegetable dishes, kitchen and supermarket waste, in essence, almost all secondary currents that arise in the food industry.  They have gained extensive experience with energy applications in the field of electricity production with biogas engines, CHP units, network connection, production and distribution of heat and steam. They are always trying to use the latest technologies in this area. For example, BiogasTec was the first to install an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) in Belgium at a biogas plant (Leiestroom, 2013). The ORC enables extra production of green electricity by using residual heat from the flue gases.

In 2007, BiogasTec, together with Trevi, developed a concept to combine anaerobic digestion with the post-treatment of digestate through biology. This patented concept has several advantages:

  • Optimized use of the generated heat
  • Effective after-treatment of the dairy state with proven technology (manure processing)
  • Very flexible to handle the flow of inputs
  • Comprehensive and reliable automation
  • Low operating costs
  • Compact structures

Meanwhile, Trevi NV is the owner of five full scale operational installations according to this patented concept. Together, these biogas plants generate more than 80 GWh of green heat and electricity. The daily operation of the installations is in the hands of an enthusiastic team of operators. They are continuously supported and followed up by BiogasTec. In this way, the production facilities are optimally operated and maximized.

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Trevion is a green-energy- and natural gas-supplier throughout Flanders, Belgium. Their electricity comes from biogas installations, solar- and wind energy. This electricity is then sold to consumers and businesses. They have 5 biogas plants. These are scattered in Flanders, more specifically in Ardooie, Halle, Menen, Moorslede and Rumbeke. Where they started in 2011 with electricity, they soon had to evolve into selling natural gas as well. They also invest in solar- and wind energy.

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Bete® is the registered trademark of Trevi scrubbers for the treatment of harmful, corrosive or contaminating components in waste gases. It concerns among others the removal of the strongly toxic and inflammable ethylene oxide, the treatment of residual gases from gas cylinders and the washing out of hydrogen sulphide from biogas. This has led to renowned customers all over the world.

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