Activated Carbon Systems


Activated carbon systems are used to remove odours that are present in the foul air of sewage applications (pump stations, STP) or industrial applications.  The odorous compounds are absorbed to the surface of the activated carbon. Depending on the type of volatile compound, a proper activated carbon must be selected.

Each of our carbon filters is custom-made and can have a capacity up to 75 000 m³/hour in one vessel to treat H2S, mercaptans, organic sulphides, ammonia, amines, VOC,….

Water regenerable carbon for H2S removal

For the removal of H2S, a catalytic carbon is selected: Activated Carbon SystemsWRC-P5-OF. This IPEC carbon brand is a water regenerable activated carbon that has enhanced catalytic properties. The carbon oxidizes H2S to H2SO4 (sulphuric acid) in presence of O2. After saturation the carbon can be washed with water to regain the conversation capacity. This carbon is commonly used in Middle East market.

The activated carbon systems of IPEC are provided with an in situ regeneration system, so the carbon doesn’t need to be taken out for regeneration. The system can be provided with prefilter, demister or other pre-treatment techniques.

We supply basic systems with fan mounted on top up to high end systems provided with full automation such as:

  • H2S sensors before and after the carbon treatment to measure the performance of the system
  • Delta pressure sensing for monitoring the pressure drop of the filters
  • PLC control for automation of the carbon regeneration, cleaning of the prefilter,…
  • SCADA communication for complete control from the main control room

Activated Carbon Systems

Ipec has supplied over more than 300 activated carbon systems, mainly in Middle East but also in the Philippines.

Case story Kuwait (Click here):

  • Sabah Al Ahmad – Single bed vertical vessels

Case story Qatar (Click here):

  • CP725 Doha – Double bed and single bed vertical vessels 

Case story Philippines (Click here):

  • Ilugin Sewage treatment plant – Horizontal vessel
  • University of the Philippines – Single bed vertical vessel
  • San Miguel Breweries – Single bed vertical vessel mounted on skid