Odour Control within the municipal and industrial sectors is an everyday concern. Odour nuisance doesn’t stop at the site boundary. It can disturb the relation with neighbours, can cause environmental problems or adds to health and safety risks.

The list of volatile compounds seems endless. IPEC NV can assist in defining the problem and in selecting the correct abatement technique.

Mainly in the municipal sector there is a serious concern about the odour aspect. Sulphur based components such as hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans are the mayor components to remove. Also ammonia and amines are common odour sources.

IPEC NV has an extensive experience with all types and designs of odour control technologies and is able to design and supply the entire odour control system from A-Z:

  • Measurements to avoid odour emission at the odour source. These can include recommendations on covers, location of air inlet and air extraction point.
  • Air flow dynamics, air flow calculation, duct size calculations
  • Selection of the proper abatement techniques (prefilters, demisters, activated carbon, scrubbing, biotrickling,…) including the design and sizing of the system
  • Assistance during commissioning, training of operating personnel and after sales support

IPEC NV has an wide experience in the design of odour control techniques. We construct different types of odour control systems: